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Postal Building Architecture

Who observes Brazilian post office evolution will notice two opposite movements that complete each other: one is reform and the other is preservation.  One is tied to communications and globalized world outstanding advances; the other dedicated to conservation of national memory and cultural and architectural patrimony.  After all, not every company has behind it a past with over three and a half centuries of history.

The photos below illustrate Correios concern in preserving a historical patrimony from Brazilian people, by means of restoration and reform of buildings in different Brazilian capitals, transforming them into important preservation and cultural promotion centers.

Book “Architecture of Correios”
Petrópolis post office - RJ
Central Bureau of Niterói - RJ
Central Bureau of João Pessoa - PB
Manaus post office - AM
Porto Alegre post office - RS
São Luis post office - MA
Cultural Center of Recife - PE