Malote-related Contractual Minimum Payment and Contract Price – Proper monthly fees to be resumed

News release 36 (6 – 19 – 20)

To our customer audience

 We inform that as of July 1, 2020, we will resume charging the minimum fee for the Malote service performance (according to the Contractual Minimum Payment established in the proper agreements) as well as the monthly fee per delivery route as provided for in the Contract Price (VSC), pursuant to the applicable contractual provision(s) and according to the new business reality facing corporations today.

In this regard, we suggest our customers to make sure their current postal service agreements duly match their needs, so as we can keep on offering service conditions better suited to their real business demand regarding both shippings and Malotes (commercial correspondence grouped by destination) delivery routes, pursuant to the compliance of obligations undertaken by the parties and the earned profit. If necessary, customers are requested to get in contact with their respective commercial representatives, for the sake of postal agreement adjustments.

At this very moment, Correios want to reassure they keep on promoting transparency relationships with both their customer audience and the general public by keeping them abreast of Correios operations and public commitments.


 The Business Directorate