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Temporary extension on the deadline for withdrawal of postal items at Correios

Temporary extension on postal parcels delivery deadlines

Correios Operations during the anticipated holidays by Ordinance

Newly reduced postal parcels delivery deadlines

Postal service operations during Carnaval in Brazil

Unstable connection - Return to normality

Reduced postal parcels delivery deadlines

Local delivery deadlines reduction and implementation/resumption of the SEDEX 12 service

Delivery Channesl Diversification - LOCKER Correios

Diversified Mail Collection Service

Delivery deadlines reduction and resumption of services

Delivery deadline reduction for parcels bound for the State of Rio de Janeiro

Return to normality - flights to and from Salvador

PAC shipment delivery in retail postal outlets is over

TST settles the labor dispute between Correios and their employees – orders strikers to return to work immediately

Temporary measure for facilitating our customer experience

Pro customer initiaves during the work stoppage

Termination of the extended operation for the contingency parcel pick-up service 

Pro customer initiaves during the work stoppage

Extended operation for our contingency parcel pick-up service

Changes in customer service queues management at our postal retail locations

Delivery deadlines extension for SEDEX parcels subsequent to the suspension of the Night Airmail Transportation Network

Extended delivery deadlines for SEDEX parcels mailed from and bound for the State of Bahia

Reduction in the tolerance period for SEDEX delivery

Reduction in the value of the Additional Charge for Special Handling by Format and Dimension

Reactivation of the National and International Telegram and Internet Charter posts - CVI

Implementation of the order collection service for customers with a contract

Extension of the validity period of Pre-Posting List - PLP

Reactivation of Direct Marketing and International Premium services

Recent adaptations - Delivery deadlines in Santa Catarina and suspension of the personalized seal

Decree 10.282 / 2020 - Definition of Public Services and Essential Activities

Reestablishment of posts destined to Santa Catarina

Change in the routing of international objects

Adjustments in financial operations

Suspension of parcel, messaging and reverse logistics home services in Santa Catarina

Exporta Fácil and Documento Internacional Expresso services - Shipments bound for the United States of America have been resumed

Delivery deadline extension for SEDEX and PAC shipments bound for Brasília

Malote-related Contractual Minimum Payment and Contract Price – Proper monthly fees to be resumed