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Basic Postal Direct Mail

Advertising message with promotional appeal or merely informative (propaganda), aiming sale, divulgation, information, prospection and/or achievement of loyalty, forwarded to a targeted public or with potential to reply, issued in several identical copies or personalized.

Who can use it: In to be invoiced modality (contract) only juridical persons. In at sight modality, juridical persons, self-employed professionals and natural persons.  

How it works: The following items are considered Basic Postal Direct Mail:

- Promotional materials, folder; - Books, newspapers, bibles, catalogues; - Guides, fascicles, prices lists, periodical publications;  - Maps, geographic or celestial maps;
- Music score: printed or in handwriting; - Booklets and didactic publications: printed or in handwriting  for students, sent by learning institutions and/or vice versa, and enrollment forms posted by student of learning institution; - Alternative cultural publications; non-completed forms; - Work or part of work, periodical publication or alternative cultural publication, artistic, scientific or literary publication printed for divulgation;  - Advertisement propectuses;
- Political propaganda by party or candidate; - Cooperative promotional materials (advertising piece from distinct juridical persons); - Event divulgation; - Key holders, caps and T-shirts; - Product samples, except for medications; - Other media forms (promotional materials) presented in writing form or as CD-ROM, DVD or any other electronic file, in addition to printed: a) Audio and video tapes;
b) Audio and multimedia CDs.


Delivery location: Home, even when it is a registered object with stated value.

Delivery term: Defined terms for delivery of non-urgent objects.

Why use this service?

- Differentiated prices for national, state and local delivery;                  - Possibility of contract binding to more than one Correios post office; 
- Allows inclusion of other types of media like CD and audio tapes;    - Possibility of printing, on envelopes obverse and back, of promotional appeals; 

- Possibility of postage from several clients in one single contract of Direct Marketing and/or advertising; - Allows inclusion of souvenirs and products samples (without commercial value); - Allows inclusion of letter, card and commercial parcel envelope; 

Service acquisition can be made in these Correios post offices for payment at sight, or upon contract, with payment to be invoiced.  

Contracts can be negotiated at each state Commercial management.

How much: To define Basic Postal Direct Mail postage price, postal origin, actual weight and destination of object must be considered, and, when applicable, added by eventually acquired additional services value. 

Basic Postal Direct Mail prices list.

How to pay: To be invoiced: charge via monthly invoice, exclusive for contract clients. At sight: at the moment of postage. 

Delivery term: Defined terms for delivery of non-urgent objects.

For guard period table of national objects and storage tax click here.

Weight limits: unit: 20 kg.

Dimensions limits:

- Minimum: 9 cm x 14 cm.- Maximum: length shorter or equal to 60 cm.
- The sum of dimensions (length + height + thickness) = 90 cm.
Obs.: In case of folded printed matters, consider these same dimensions.

Package and box: - Minimum: 9 cm x 14 cm.- Maximum: The largest dimension  (length or height or thickness)  = 60 cm.

- The sum of dimensions (length + height + thickness) = 150 cm

Roll: - Minimum: 10 cm (length); - Sum (Length plus two times diameter) = 17 cm minimum. - Maximum: 90 cm (length); - Sum (Length plus two times diameter) = 104 cm maximum.

Packing: Every basic postal direct mail shall be packed and closed by sender in pack that resists to content weight, shape and nature, as well as to transportation conditions. The pack may be acquired in Correios, in other suppliers or fabricated by the client himself, provided that it satisfies recommended conditions:  envelopes, boxes, packages and rolls made out of paper, plastic, polystyrene, wood or metal, wrapped in flat and resistant paper.  To learn more

Additional services:

Note: Physical return of object to sender is available only for objects that were hired with additional registration service.  

Objects to be sent by
Basic Postal Direct Mail shall be previously validated in post offices of in each state commercial/sales area.