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CEP (zip code) search

Service for individual zip code search, destined to addressing of objects of correspondence to be posted in Correios. Access here CEP Search

Types of search: The service offers seven types of search:

a. Search for CEP (zip code) or Address

b. Search for CEP per locality and/or public area                 

c. Search for address per CEP                                      

d. Search for public area CEP per district                 

e. Search for CEP ranges                                                 

f. Search for Correios operational units CEP                       

g. Search for special CEP                                                        

h. Search for community P.O. Box CEP                                

i. Search for P.O. Box CEP

j. Search for promotional CEP

Use of CEP search

The use of this application is restrict to individual searches of CEP (zip code) for addressing objects of correspondence to be posted in Correios. For other purposes, check National Directory of Addresses - DNE.