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GPBe – Electronic Brazilian Postal Guide

Application developed by Correios that allows search of Postal Addressing Codes – CEP (zip code) from a computer.

Service availability: In all national territory

Who can use it: - Autonomous professionals: commercial representatives, service renders, etc. – Self-employed professionals: entrepreneurs, physicians, lawyers, engineers, dentists, etc.); 
- Shos and commerce in general; - Micro and small companies; 
- Offices and doctor’s offices; - Natural persons.

Characteristics: GPBe content: 
Postal Addressing Codes: - localities; - public venues; - districts; - Correios large users; - P.O. Boxes; - community P.O. Boxes;               - Correios operational units. 
CEP (zip code) structure: - history; - definition; - purpose; - CEP composition details. 
Forms of addressing: - instructions for addressing correspondences;    - instructions for consulting CEP in application.

Forms of consultation: - Locality/Public venue; - District;
- CEP (zip code); - Large user; - Correios operational unit; 
- P.O. Box; - community P.O. Box: - CEP range.
Why use this product?
- allows consultation of all CEPs (zip codes) in Brazil; 
- allows, through office addresser, generation of addressing labels;       - can be installed in office or home microcomputer;  - simple installation: just download
- contains instructions for addressing correspondences.

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How to pay: This product is exclusively commercialized by Correios virtual store, via bank payment slip, credit card and postage card (clients with contract).    

Important: For acquisition through “Contract-Postage Card” payment, contact previously one of our commercial representatives.

Legislation: The Brazilian Electronic Postal Guide – GPBe, the Office Addresser and the information in National Directory of Addresses (e-DNE) are protected, and cannot be reproduced or distributed.