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P.O. box

It is the service that allows rent of P.O. box by client, in one of Correios unit, in order to receive correspondence objects.

Service availability

Check in CEP (ZIP) search system the post offices, per locality, which offer P.O. box service.

Who can use it: Natural persons, upon payment in cash, and juridical persons upon payment in cash or to be invoiced in contract.

How it works

In order to enroll in P.O. box service, go to a Correios unit which has P.O. box for rente, taking required documentation with you.  

Required documentation – Natural Person: Originals and copies of the following documents:

a) CPF (TIN); b) Identity card (RG), Driver’s Licence or Work and Social Security card. In case this document includes CPF (TIN) number, the copy of CPF (TIN) will not be required; c) Proof of residence.

The following proofs of residence are accepted: - Water, electricity, telephone, gas or pay television bills, duly paid and issued or posted for at least 90 days in his/her own name or on behalf of relative since link is proved;
- Rent receipt, condominium fee receipt, lease contract or correspondence posted in Correios since it contains Correios stamp or seal or CIF bar code on the document and since it is not personal; - Urban land and building tax (IPTU ) payment booklet;

- Address statement, which may be in hand writing by the person interested or upon form completion, in two copies, one for client protocol and the other to be filed in Correios post office, informing the complete residence address, according to Law nº 7.115, from August 29, 1983. The subscriber will state that he/she is aware that false information will subject him/her to applicable legislation penalties;  

P.O. box subscription can be carried out by third parties, upon proxy, which shall include the same documents as required for the service contract by holder.


Under age of 18 years
In case the interested person is under age of 18 years, the following conditions will be required for P.O. box contract subscription:

a) for those under age of 16 years, there shall be representation of one of the parents or legal responsible person (tutor or guardian), who will make the P.O. box subscription  in behalf of the underage; b) for those underage between 16 and 18, there shall be assistance of one of the parents or legal responsible (tutor or guardian); in this case the underage may make the P.O. box subscription along with his/her legal representative. c) The underage may make P.O. box subscription in person and without parents or tutors presence, since he/she presents documentation corresponding to this capacity obtention: by concession from one of the parents or by a  judge sentence, with tutor consent in case he/she is 16 years old; by marriage; by effective public employment exercise; by scientific graduation in higher education course; by civil or commercial establishment, or by the existence of employment contract, provided that, due to that, the underage of 16 years old has his/her own earnings.  *Underage’s  parents and legal representative shall also present personal ID documentation in cases specified in this chapter, subitem 1.4-b.


In case of foreigner resident and based abroad, who often comes to Brazil for work and, for this or another reason, wants to rente a P.O. box in one Correios post office, and who has no fixed residence in Brazil, presentation of passport for personal identification and written declaration, in Portuguese, by organization to which the person renders service in Brazil stating its address (organization address) will be required.

Required documentation – Juridical person: Originals and copies of the following documents:  From legal representatives:

- Identity card (RG), Driver’s Licence or Work and Social Security card; - CPF.

From the company: documents listed below that prove the organization address (I and II), legal representative legitimacy to contract in behalf of juridical person (I and III), and meet the need to keep JP cadaster data, for purposes of the service management:

- Certificate of incorporation (in case of limited liability company) or corporate bylaws (joint-stock companies, Associations, Foundations, Institutes, non-governmental organizations – NGOs). These documents contain the organization address. – CNPJ – Corporate taxpayer registry – which also contains the organization address;

- Letter of attorney or proxy granting representation powers to the interested person, when he/she is not included in the juridical person shareholding structure. In case the requester is a partner,  he/she shall present the certificate of incorporation/corporate bylaws and CNPJ (Corporate taxpayer registry). 
- Consumption bill document (electricity, water, telephone), on behalf of Juridical Person (it will not be required if the interested person presents the above documents, updated).  In case of juridical person under public law (public entity), its legal representative shall present its personal identity document and formal request of the entity (official letter or circular), directed to Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company.

Subscription modalities: There are three types of subscription:
- Semestral; - Annual; - Biennial.

Why use this service?

- Secrecy; - Safety; - Practicality; - Convenience;
- Correspondences may be directly deposited  in P.O. box, and remain there for up to 15 days after subscription end date; - Fixed and exclusive address for correspondence delivery. 

How to contract

In order to make P.O. Box subscription, go to a Correios unit which has P.O. box for rent, taking with you all required documentation.

How much it costs: Price is defined according to chosen subscription type (semestral, annual or biennial).
See P.O. Box subsctription type. (link to http://www.correios.com.br/precosPrazos/precosPrazosNacionais/caixaPostal.cfm)

How to pay: Correios post offices
- Cash – Credit card – Debit card
- Correios postage card (available only for juridical person clients upon contract) - Checks from the same city and by the person interested, order check to Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company).  Learn about check payment conditions.

Improper use of P.O. box: - The P.O. box subscriber is forbidden to use it for purposes other than postal flow correspondence reception.    – In case of improper use, Correios will proceed to P.O. box subscription cancellation without devlution of values paid, and subscriber will have no right to any type of complaint.

Restrictions: - P.O. boxes cannot be freely granted; - Objects that were not posted in Empresa Brasileira de Correios e Telégrafos (Brazilian Post and Telegraph Company) – ECT will not be accepted in Correios post offices for deposit in P.O. box.