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Return of documents

Complementary service that allows return of document, counterfoil or copy of invoice with legible signature (full name without abbreviations) by recipient, to the parcel sender.

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can use it: - Juridical persons with SEDEX, e-SEDEX and PAC


Characteristics: Document return modality:
Return of signed document will occurr by economic way (registered letter).

Why use this service?

- Signature in document, counterfoil or copy of invoice for future evidence;
- Control of parcel delivery to addressee.

The juridical person client, by contracting SEDEX, e-SEDEX and PAC, will have included the documents devolution complementary service for immediate use.

The service is limited to parcel delivery upon receipt with legible signature by recipient, in the document, counterfoil, or invoice; and does not foresee, except for special contracts, checking o content, by addressee, prior to delivery receipt.