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Return Receipt - AR

It is an additional service that, though completion of appropriate form, printed or digital, allows evidence, with sender, of object delivery.

Service availability: in all national territory

Who can use it: - Natural and juridical persons without contract; - Juridical persons with contract.

Characteristics: - Return receipt form is returned to sender with signature of person who has received the object;
- It can be used in postages of Letters, Postcards, Printed matters, postal direct mail and parcels  (PAC, SEDEX and cash on delivery).

Why use this service?

- Juridical validity for evidence of receipt of postal object to which it is linked;

- Make available differentiated models of return receipt for clients to be invoiced.

The service is available in all Correios Post Offices, and for juridical persons, it can also be acquired by means of contract.
Contact one of our commercial representatives.

How much it is: See this service price.

How to pay: the digital return receipt service payment is exclusively to be invoiced, along with rendered services invoice, by means of contract. The service price will be the same as conventional service.

Return receipt service can only be used with registered objects;

All return receipt form fields must be correctly completed, especially those destined to sender and addressee data. Incomplete and/or incorrect data delay or even hinder return receipt devolution.

Term: Term foreseen for return receipt devolution, in national ambit, will be the same as established for urgent simple objects (Simple letter, Aerogram and Postcard), from the date of return receipt signature by object recipient.

Addresser, free service for generation and printing to labels and tags for addressing that allow printing of return receipt as well.