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Simplified Multiple Contract

Contract simplified model that aims to facilitate purchase process for private companies, providing convenience and agility in Correios services utilization.

How it works: The simplified contract comprises basic clauses that must be signed by both parties and a Term for General Conditions of Service Rendering and Sale of Products, containing detailed informations on contract excecution, including attachments to all ECT products and services.

This term is registered at the 2nd Registry Office for Civil Statistics, Titles and Documents, and Juridical Persons in Brasília, under registration n.º 984931. In order to obtain a certificate with respective physical copy, please access site http://www.cartoriodebrasilia.com.br/.

Complementary information: For further information, contact Correios representative in your region or GO to a near post office.


Term for General Conditions of Service Rendering and Sale of Products

Annex – Acquisition of products
 Annex – Digital Return Receipt
Annex – P.O. Box service
Annex – Commercial Letter
Annex – Right Account
Annex – International mail
Annex - Correios Direct Delivery - Operation B
Annex – Services related to CPF (TIN) Web Service Modality
Annex – Electronic Return of FAC objects (CEDO)
Annex - E-Sedex Parcel
Annex – Authorized Franking of Letters - FAC
Annex – Special Printed Matter
Annex – Dimensions and Weights Limits
Annex – Mail Pouch
Annex – Postage Meter
Annex – Postal Direct Mail - MDP
Annex – Home Postal Direct Mail - MDPD
Annex - Parcel - PAC 41068
Annex - Parcel - PAC 41211
Annex – Reception of Enrollments
Annex – Express Shipment of Checkbooks and Various Cards
Annex – Economic Shipment of Checkbooks and Various Cards
Annex – Economic Shipment CRLV/CRV/CNH (vehicle registration papers and driver licence) and Notifications
Annex – Express Shipment Traffic Agencies (CRLV/CRV/CNH/NIT)
Annex – Local Shipment with Delivery Proof
Annex - SEDEX
Annex - Telegram Via Internet and Letter Via Internet
Annex – Telematic Services
Annex – Commercial Reply Services
Annex – Acquisition of Products and Services from ECT Virtual Store - Correios Online
Annex - e-DNE-GU (National Directory of Addresses – Large Users)
Annex – National Electronic Money Order – Commercial Modality Payment
Annex – Special Postal Direct Mail
Annex – Basic Postal Direct Mail