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Cultural Space of Fortaleza

Espaço Cultural Correios is located at Edifício-Sede (headquarters) dos Correios of Ceará, at rua Senador Alencar, 38, Fortaleza center.  

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The building with its beautiful architectural style was built in 1932. In a 100 m² conditioned ambient, the Cultural Space Correios is a point for cultural concentration, with easy access by the public.  

Officially inaugurated on August 5, 2005, the space exists since 1994, when Ceará Correios Regional Direction has ceded part of central agency hall for art exhibitions. The objective was to offer clients the chance to both appreciate art and use the Company services.

In the beginning, it was just a small place without great intentions, created to provide visibility to anonymous artists who did not have space to show to the public their works. The action was welcomed by clients, artists, press and society.

With increasingly need of places to exhibit their works, artists have seen in Correios a perfect space that gathers credibility and acknowledgement.

Its agenda is always renewed and diversified, seeking to satisfy all tastes and expectations. The population has the chance not just to enjoy beginner artists but renowned artists as well, who like to exhibit their works in a location that exhibits art works to all types of public.  

Correios consolidation as cultural fomenter makes artists look for it to exhibit different talents and styles. Within this partnership, democratization of knowledge and Ceará historical identities take place.

Check Espaço Cultural Correios Fortaleza a floor plan

 Espaço Cultural Correios Fortaleza auditorium floor plan

Visits: Espaço Cultural Correios
Rua Senador Alencar, 38 – Centro
Fortaleza – CE
Telephone: 0XX 85 3255-7262
e-mail: espacoculturalce@correios.com.br

Hours: Monday to Friday, from 8 am to 5 pm, Saturdays from 8 am to noon.
Free admission.