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Corporate Identity

Correios has adopted a new Corporate Identity, more adequate to the new times, positioning the company to increasing future challenges, since October 9, 2009.

Business: Solution that brings near.

Correios now provides society with more products and services. The company wants to understand their clients’ needs and focus on appropriate solutions to approximate people and organizations, wherever they are, shortening distances.  

Mission: Provide accessible and reliable solutions to connect people, institutions and businesses, in Brazil and worldwide.

Correios wants to show the world that it is a dynamic company concerned with understanding their clients’ needs and expectations.   And so it is committed to offering quality products and services that fully satisfy clients and society’s needs, fulfilling punctuality and safety commitments, and promoting integration without boundaries.

Vision: To be a world class company

The challenge is to be among organizations considered the best worldwide in organizational management, and outstanding for their practices and results. Companies that promote, both internally and externally, their products and services excellence, contributing to the country competitiveness, and, somehow, to society life quality improvement. It means that the company seeks to be exemplary, with equal or superior results as compared to excellency references, becoming a leader in acting sector.   

Values: Ethic, meritocracy, respect to people, commitment with client, sustainability.

Correios believes and practices the following principles:

1. Ethic, based on transparency in relationships and good governance practices;
2. Meritocracy, acknowledging employees knowledge and skills;
3. Respect to people, with fair and correct treatment to staff;
4. Commitment with client, ensuring the fulfilment of efficiency in products and services; and
5. Sustainability, always seeking balance among social, environmental and economic aspects, in order to warrant profitability, by respecting people, society and environment.

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